Wednesday, July 7, 2010

LeBron decision imminent

At 9 p.m. on Thursday night, LeBron James will officially announce which team he is signing with during an hour-long ESPN special, but he reportedly has already narrowed his choices to Cleveland or Miami.

In Cleveland, LeBron will remain on his hometown team with an extremely loyal fan base, but in Miami, he can join two of the best players in the league in Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh, who committed to the Heat early this morning. Adding LeBron would make Miami immediate contenders.

Sadly for Cleveland, all the signs point to LeBron leaving the city.

Formerly a critic of athletes who detail their personal lives via social networks, LeBron started a Twitter feed yesterday, breaking his previous remarks by posting this morning about waking up.

He has also started a new website that is launching soon, presumably Thursday night or Friday night after announcing his decision. Changing teams would be the perfect time for the NBA's biggest star to launch a new site.

The old LeBron would never have done either of these things. Is the new tech savvy LeBron a LeBron who is looking for change or is he just a LeBron catching up to the times? I'll go with the former.

As always, this speculation does not mean the end for Cleveland.

Miami will forever be Dwayne Wade's city, so no matter how well LeBron plays, he will be second fiddle to Wade. In Cleveland, LeBron is already arguably the most popular athlete in the city's history.

LeBron has been called an uncoachable player in the past. It's hard to say that with certainty, but Heat president Pat Riley is unlikely to deal with that type of behavior. Of course, LeBron could change his style to play for a coach who has won multiple championship rings and knows about the winning pedigree.

The most pressing issue, though, may be finding enough shots to satisfy all three superstars in Miami. All three players are used to being the driving force on their team, so what might happen if they team up together is disastrous chemistry.

Come Thursday night, the entire world will know.

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