Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Welcome to C-Town Chatter

Good morning/day/night all,

Welcome to C-Town Chatter, a blog about Cleveland sports. My name is Andrew Harner, and as a lifelong Cleveland sports fan, one might simply ask the question, "Why Cleveland?" While I understand the city has a penchant for losing, it will forever be my sports hometown. As much as I wish I was at Jacobs Field (yes Jacobs Field...forget that Progressive stuff), The Q or Cleveland Browns Stadium covering games live, my analysis will come from home in front of my TV or on occasion after I've been at an event in person.

I believe any diligent sports fan is an indirect fan of his or her team's rivals, whether they like it or not. That said, you will frequently see updates and scores from Cleveland's rivals and how the biggest national stories out there may affect Cleveland. History is also a big part of anyone's fandom and a part of fandom that I feel is often ignored. As a history minor, don't be surprised to see a regular history column on this site.

On occasion, I also am planning to run a live chat while a game is ongoing, where fans can join together and talk about the game or whatever else might be hot news that day.

That said, I hope you enjoy the content and feel free to give me your thoughts at any time.

Thanks for dropping by.

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